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The X-Ray Machine Loves Ya, Baby

17 Jun

Now this is my kind of pin-up calendar. 12 months of hot, steamy, ossified action.

It’s all the beauty of the skeletal structure without any of that pesky soft tissue to get in the way of your viewing pleasure.

If anybody was wondering what this blogger would like for Christmas- you’re looking at it. All of it.

See the rest of the pictures here: http://www.ufunk.net/en/humour/eizo-pin-up-calendar-2010-le-nu-plus-quintegral/


Josh Cooley is My Kind of Pixar Artist

21 May

The Lil’ Inappropriate Golden Book: Movies R Fun was a wonderful thing to wake up to this morning. As a movie buff with a twisted sense of humor, this is simply hilarious to me.

Josh Cooley has put together a “children’s” book containing some of the most famous/ infamous scenes in film history, including some personal favorites like The Graduate and Silence of the Lambs, all reproduced in Pixar’s charming artistic style.

To see a small gallery featuring more pages of the book, check out:


Don’t worry, according to Cooley’s blog¬† the book, along with “high quality, classy prints” will be available to purchase at Comic-Con. So, if you know anybody who just had/is expecting a baby, I can’t think of any better way to start the kid’s instruction in film than this little book.¬† Besides, who doesn’t want to see this hanging above Baby’s crib?

It’s not weird. It’s educational.