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Josh Cooley is My Kind of Pixar Artist

21 May

The Lil’ Inappropriate Golden Book: Movies R Fun was a wonderful thing to wake up to this morning. As a movie buff with a twisted sense of humor, this is simply hilarious to me.

Josh Cooley has put together a “children’s” book containing some of the most famous/ infamous scenes in film history, including some personal favorites like The Graduate and Silence of the Lambs, all reproduced in Pixar’s charming artistic style.

To see a small gallery featuring more pages of the book, check out:


Don’t worry, according to Cooley’s blog¬† the book, along with “high quality, classy prints” will be available to purchase at Comic-Con. So, if you know anybody who just had/is expecting a baby, I can’t think of any better way to start the kid’s instruction in film than this little book.¬† Besides, who doesn’t want to see this hanging above Baby’s crib?

It’s not weird. It’s educational.